Adviser, consultant, and advocate for Whistle-blowers and Other Targets of Covert Harassment and Surveillance

                                                                                       WHAT KINDS OF THINGS DO TARGETS EXPERIENCE?




 Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology

Advocate/Consultant for Whistle-blowers/Targeted Individuals



While the types of abuses may vary somewhat from target to target, there are many civil rights abuses that most targets of domestic terrorism (targeted individuals) experience.  They include but are not limited to the following.



 Explanation of Mind Control Techniques



  Gang-stalking - Being followed by groups.  Attempts to interfere with the target's transportation from one place to another, and attempts to induce traffic accidents involving the target.

   *  Character Assassination - Smear campaigns by people who you've never met.


   *  Sleep Deprivation -  Usually caused by loud noises, ringing phones, noisy neighbors, banging on walls, etc., during the night-time hours.


   *  Mobbing - Being crowded/harassed while in public places (at work, while shopping, while driving, etc.).


   *  Drugging - Many targets complain about waking up in the morning feeling drugged.  Some have found, after having their homes tested for contaminants, that Chloroform was present in unusually high amounts.   Chloroform is a sweet-smelling, natural agent and it is used for refrigeration.  Therefore, a high concentration can be explained away as a refrigeration leak.  It is considered hazardous.  Many persons, both male and female, have reported being sexually molested/raped while drugged.  Often, bruises or cuts are found on the body after awakening from induced drugging and it's been surmised that the micro-chipping of targets occurs during these times.


   *  Gas-lighting -  When your personal belongings are moved around, or taken and then returned.  

   *  Vandalism - Usually minor vandalism of clothes, vehicles, or the home that is destructive and costly but which is not an obvious or great enough infraction of the law to report to the police.


   *  Illegal Entry - Entry into your home while you are asleep, away, or in another part of the house, which is undetectable to law enforcement since there are no signs of a break in.


   * Staged Accidents - Purposefully causing targets to get into automobile accidents by having multiple stalkers drive erratically around the target.  The perpetrators will slow down, speed up,  circle targets, and sometimes bring traffic to a complete halt.  Generally, there's an effort to get the target to speed up so that a criminal perpetrator can suddenly, and without warning, pull in front of the target's car, and then hit the brakes in the hopes that the target will rear-end the perpetrator.  Many innocent drivers have been killed/injured in these attempts.  Considered to be very dangerous.  Also, there are attempts to cause accidents in the homes of targets, as well.  


   *  Biological/Chemical Attacks -  Infectious chemical/microbial/fungal substances purposefully introduced into the environment of the target.  There are several ways that this is done.  The substances may cause infections of the gums, teeth, lungs, throat, ears, eyes,skin, mucous membranes, joints (leading to septic arthritis) and skin, some of which can induce fever.  Infections of bodily organs (stomach, colon, etc.) is not uncommon.  Considered to be very dangerous. Sometimes biting flies or other kinds of annoying pests are bred in the home.


   *  Remote Weapons Attacks - Many complain about being hit with remote weapons that would normally be associated with wartime or with civil unrest.   Complaints include burning sensations, high skin and body temperatures (microwave attacks), hallucinations caused by electromagnetic attacks, redness and burning of the skin, , and extreme, pin-pointed aching pain.  Reports of sexual stimulation and genital pain have been reported.  Also associated with V2K (voice to skull) weaponry which induces the target to experience auditory pulses or waves that translate into voices.


   *  Micro-chipping - Many targets have been micro-chipped and they test positive during Radio Frequency Scanning as emitting radio frequencies.  Micro-chips have been removed from some targets and micro-chipping unsuspecting persons is illegal in most states.   They can be GPS chips, and some believe that some of the chips are responsible for V2K (voice to skull) transmissions.


   Tainted Food and Drink - Many targets report that the food in their refrigerators, or the food that is served to them at restaurants, is being poisoned to sicken or drug them.