Adviser, consultant, and advocate for Whistle-blowers and Other Targets of Covert Harassment and Surveillance

                                                                                       WHAT KINDS OF THINGS DO TARGETS EXPERIENCE?




 Cathy Meadows, M. A., Clinical Psychology

Advocate/Consultant for Whistle-blowers/Targeted Individuals



While the types of abuses may vary somewhat from target to target, there are many civil rights abuses that most, but not all,  targeted individuals experience.  These include but are not limited to the following.



 Explanation of Mind Control Techniques


  Gang-stalking - Being followed by groups of people who act in unison and exhibit  behaviors that are meant to either confuse, degrade, or intimidate the target.  They also act together to inhibit the target's movement, wherever they are.   Sometimes traffic accidents occur either by design or by accident and sometimes people do get hurt.

   *  Character Assassination - Smear campaigns against the target that are aimed at negatively altering the general perception of the target.  Smear campaigns are very important in keeping the targeting and bullying going, at a reduced price or for free.  


   *  Sleep Deprivation -  A method used to further cause psychological and physical ailments.   Sleep deprivation is caused by increasing unpleasant sensory stimulation, including loud noises, strong odors, and feelings of unease.


   *  Mobbing - Being crowded/harassed while in public places (at work, while shopping, while driving, etc.).


   *  Drugging - Many targets complain about waking up in the morning feeling drugged.  Some have found, after having their homes tested for contaminants, that Chloroform was present in unusually high amounts.   Chloroform is a sweet-smelling, natural agent and it is used for refrigeration. 


  *  Gas-lighting -  When your personal belongings in your home or in your vehicle are moved around, or taken and then returned.  

   *  Vandalism - Vandalism of possessions which is meant for only the target to see.


   *  Illegal Entry - Entry into your home while you are asleep, away, or in another part of the house, which is undetectable to law enforcement since there are no signs of a break in. 


   *  Biological/Chemical Attacks -  Infectious chemical/microbial/fungal substances purposefully introduced into the environment of the target.  Usually done through low tech methods


   *  Remote Weapons Attacks - Electromagnetic, sonic, and microwave attacks have been reported.


   *  Micro-chipping - Micro-chipping people without their knowledge or consent is illegal on the grounds that it's an invasion of privacy, however several states have specifically passed laws against it.


   Tainted Air, Food and Drink - Commonly reported and causing anything from digestive and pulmonary, to respiratory and nervous system sickness or weakness.